Account Hierarchy Management for Multiple CRMs, ERPs, or both!

Linq is a stand-alone account hierarchy manager that unifies first-party account data from disparate CRMs and ERPs and lets you organize it by how you go to market – what we call GTM hierarchies.

Quickly create GTM hierarchies from multiple systems of records.

Uncover and spotlight new revenue or account expansion opportunities.

Eliminate sales and marketing account conflicts and confusion.

Accelerate your GTM Execution

When revenue acceleration is a must, and there’s no time to wait for consolidation or master data management projects to complete, count on Linq.

Our team of data experts will rappel in, assess your disparate systems of account records situation, and help create your initial Global and GTM hierarchies in Linq. You’ll gain revenue insights in days, not months or years.

Even cooler, we’ll show your teams how your custom hierarchies dynamically adjust as new account data from new sales or acquisitions come in. And with decades of experience in the data management and analytics space, our “Linq-ers” can help you with your overall data strategy, custom insights, and best practices, too.

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"Linq has helped us get our first reliable view of account hierarchies and expansion opportunities across our hundreds of thousands of customers.”

VP of Strategy
Global Technology Company

1.9 Million

Accounts organized how we go to market and continuously updated as we grow.


Analysis insights by line of business within and across 5 global regions, rolling-up to a global logo.

Finally, account hierarchy structures that make good business sense.