Our Story

Linq Analytics was born when a new client asked Sullexis if its frameworks could be used to create and maintain a unified Customer Account Hierarchy across their ERP and three CRM instances.

Linq Analytics was developed to help its clients aggregate and consolidate customer account information within and across instances of CRM and ERP systems. An alternative to broader and more complex Master Data Management solutions, Linq Analytics was spun out of the data management consultancy Sullexis, LLC, which has used its frameworks for linking related data from disparate systems to help build and manage client data lakes for years.

Our team has vast expertise in data management, analytics, software development, and professional services built on decades of experience in leadership positions with firms such as Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Oracle, SolarWinds, along with various startups.

Based in Austin, TX, Linq Analytics enjoys a close relationship with its sister firm Sullexis, LLC.

Our Leadership

Noel Phillips

As CTO and CEO, Noel is responsible for Linq’s technology strategy, product design, and overall research and development. Noel was previously the CTO and CEO at Altius, where he helped develop and deliver a suite of business intelligence products and services. He has 20+ years of software engineering and services experience supporting clients across a broad range of functions and industries.


Brandon Swalve
Co-founder and Advisor

Brandon brings 20+ years of experience in software development and commercialization, management consulting, corporate development, and analytics to the team.


Darrell Petty
Co-founder and COO

As COO of both Linq Analytics and its sister firm, Sullexis, Darrell brings 30+ years of software and professional services delivery experience to Linq’s clients.


Kailey McGraw
Director, Linq Consulting
Responsible for Client delivery and success, Kailey oversees Linq implementations, onboarding, and ongoing Client services. Kailey was previously a consultant with Sullexis, and she has held multiple roles in data management, analysis, and IT systems implementations.
Mike Welch
Head of Client Solutions

As Head of Client Solutions, Mike ensures the long-term technical success of Linq implementations as solutions evolve and client needs grow and change.  Mike has 15+ years of experience in designing, developing, and delivering software solutions for clients.


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Finally, account hierarchy structures that make good business sense.

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