Linq Analytics Use Case: Effortless Improvement of Hierarchy Results

As our previous blog posts have discussed, our SLED customer account hierarchy system adds a large amount of value to our customers and their data management processes. The results of our algorithm, proprietary master data, and ‘crowdsourced’ superset of SLED entities can provide an accurate, consistently maintained, and adaptable view into not only US federal and state entities, but international entities as well (UK NHS, for example).

In a recent live demonstration for a prospective client, we encountered an unexpected case where one entity was mistakenly grouped under a different (but similar) entity. While never ideal to discover an error in a live demo, it actually served to showcase the flexibility and ease of use of our product.

The demonstration featured data from the Alabama Community College System, a hierarchy we had not previously reviewed. In this case, the Alabama hierarchy mistakenly contained the entire Colorado Community College System. The root cause was a configuration in our application: as the image below shows, special handling for a term like “Community College” was being applied, but not “Community College System.” Adding that simple configuration allowed the LinqIQ process to recognize the difference, and this resulted in a correct data hierarchy at the next run.

This minor change to these two community college systems was not the only issue rectified in this process, however, as additional data for a few other community college systems was also rendered correct as a result of this single tweak to the configuration. Due to this correction in our master data, all of our Clients benefit from this solution.

This specific instance of error resolution speaks to the elegance of LinqAnalytics’ unique ability to handle customer account hierarchies. Can your current account hierarchies be handled this gracefully? If not, our team at LinqAnalytics would love to show you how our product could streamline and bring ease to your hierarchy management endeavors. Check out our contact us page to learn more by connecting with one of our experts.