Our Mission

To help our Clients better understand and leverage account data to improve business results

Our Values

We rely upon our core values to drive successful outcomes for our Clients. As Linq-ers, we are: 


Client-obsessed   <>   Collaborative   <>   Straightforward
 Innovative   <>   Results-oriented


Our Approach

Our project approach reflects these values. 

Whether creating go-to-market (GTM) customer account hierarchies, addressing broader customer data management problems, building analytics capabilities, or enabling analytics in post-merger integration efforts, every engagement with our Clients starts by understanding your business, go-to-market motions, and what a “customer” means to your various stakeholders.

Each project is tailored to meet our Clients’ specific needs and outcomes. For example, creating an optimal GTM hierarchy is unique to each Client because it’s based on their processes and plans on using the customer linkages and associated data across their systems and analytics ecosystem. 

Our Linq team of data and analytics experts works closely with Clients’ technical and functional leaders to ensure a strong return on their analytics investments. We leverage our LinqIQ intelligence engine to help deliver those use cases in a matter of weeks. Our general project plan consists of four quick phases, each being 1-2 weeks depending on our Client’s needs and the complexity of their customer data ecosystem.

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Make Your Data Useful